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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2013|05:49 pm]
(rhymes with frenzy)
 photo 55230e21-3e69-46e8-bc2b-85dd48591b6b_zpsfe1d30a4.jpg
Mantis on a typewriter, my summer summed up in one picture.

 photo 8e5deb18-48ae-447f-860a-09a41c4cab71_zps15831322.jpg
I got this Pokemon camera and shot my first roll of film. Then it turns out it costs $10.99 to develop one roll! That's crazy. That's more than I paid for the whole camera. I will just have to save my film until I find a cheaper place to develop it. Mystery photos.

The photos will allegedly have a Pokemon border like this:
 photo blogger-image-1103340863_zpsf17aa46c.jpg
obnoxious yet amazing

Tomorrow I have to go to the Haight Ashbury district alone, 50 minutes by BART and then 20 minutes by bus. I hope I don't die.
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lamp [Feb. 17th, 2013|02:09 pm]
(rhymes with frenzy)
 photo tumblr_mgs6aaK02H1rozlcso1_1280_zps77461531.jpg
I think this is an excellent lamp.
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weekend excursion [Feb. 11th, 2013|10:16 am]
(rhymes with frenzy)
 photo 1e64d9e1-3bb0-4f05-9dab-a768bbdcc5a0_zps7b1c6568.jpg

We never do anything on the weekends but this Sunday we drove up to visit Ian's grandparents in Sonoma wine country. I live about 40 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge but I've only been on it a few times because there aren't many occasions to go up that way. You can see Alcatraz which is the white building on the island on the left side of this photo.

san franciscoCollapse )
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Back in the East Bay [Jan. 21st, 2013|04:33 pm]
(rhymes with frenzy)
Well, I'm back to living where I did when I came to California for the first time! It's not so bad this time because I actually have things to do outside of the house unlike the last time. Although, mostly I still wish I could just stay home forever because the outside world is frightening!

Now I go to the Mission District in San Francisco 4 days a week (soon to be 5). I feel like such a city lady when I say I go to "The Mission District." It just sounds very much like a city place to me, idk. There's a lot of crazy art there and I guess it's becoming more of a hipster area, kinda like Brooklyn in NYC. I don't really know anything about that though.

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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2012|10:21 am]
(rhymes with frenzy)
It finally snowed here!

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fried cinnamon & sugar snails - a poor man's snack [May. 18th, 2011|10:55 am]
(rhymes with frenzy)
I cut snail shapes out of tortillas with a snail-shaped cookie cutter, then melted some butter on the tray in my toaster oven. Then I placed the snails in the melted butter and sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar.

Then I broiled them in my lil toaster oven until it seemed like they were done. I flipped them over once* and sprinkled more cinnamon and sugar all over their little bodies.

When they were nicely fried on both sides I coated them with MORE cinnamon and sugar (don't judge me) and enjoyed with a cup of coffee. A delicious/simple/cheap treat! :D

*I'd recommend using a fork when flipping them over because human hands aren't designed to handle that kind of temperature. :{ I think my fingerprints melted off.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2011|10:10 am]
(rhymes with frenzy)
It was Ian's birthday two days ago.
I left all of my cake pans/ingredients in California, so I made him some cream puffs and piled them on top of caramel turtle brownies.


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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2011|01:23 pm]
(rhymes with frenzy)
I got some hermit crabs. Their names are Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel. I didn't name them.

Vin Diesel is the big red one on the right. He used to have a pink strawberry shell but moved into this "turbo shell" a couple days after I got him. He's pretty shy.

Dwayne likes to try to escape. He also really likes cornbread!
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2011|09:03 am]
(rhymes with frenzy)
[Current Location |Providence, RI]

Oh yeah, I live in Rhode Island now! SURPRISE!


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dresses [Feb. 7th, 2011|06:12 pm]
(rhymes with frenzy)
(sorry for anyone that's on my FB friends list, you might've seen this already)

A couple of weeks ago our friend from Seattle came down to SF for a job interview. We went to meet up with him in Japantown since he had some time to spare. While we were walking around I finally found New People, the building that houses Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I was a little scared to go in there because I'm not nearly fancy enough, lol, but I'm glad I did because I got to try on a (really expensive) cute outfit!

I tried on this JSK in brown. It was really fun to wear!

Now I'm kinda obsessed with pretty dresses, especially the type by Innocent World and Emily Temple Cute.

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